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After two children and reaching my mid-thirties I found my weight creeping up and up slowly every year – a story familiar to many women! With a number of failed diets under my belt I started to wonder if I should just resign myself to my new heavier size.

In 2017 when I found I could no longer fasten my favourite pair of work trousers, I reached a turning point. I’m on a mission to turn my life around, through following a healthy eating, mainly low-carb diet, and committing to regular exercise.

I’ve dabbled with running on and off for several years, building up fitness in the springtime by following the couch to 5k programme, only to run out of steam a few months later, and often giving up altogether when the cold weather sets in.

In 2017, as part of my lifestyle overhaul, I finally managed to make running a regular part of my life, and now it plays a vital part in my weightloss and health improvement journey. I’ve gone from an unfit overweight woman who could barely run 200m, to a regular 5k runner, avid parkrunner and running club member, and I am even training for a marathon!

Each Saturday morning at 9am, rain or shine, you are likely to find me at my local Walthamstow parkrun, or one of the other nearby East London parkruns.

And why ‘Monday Running’? My work schedule allows me one Monday off a fortnight, where without fail I hit the trails during the day for some peaceful solo running – the perfect chance to think, reflect and recharge.

Current PB’s:

Walthamstow parkrun April 2019- 24:45

Victoria dock parkrun May 2018 – 24:22


RunThrough Olympic Park 10k 2021 – 49:55

Half Marathon:

The Big Half – 2hr00


London Marathon 2019 – 5hr 25min

Berlin Marathon 2019 – 4hr 46min

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