The London Marathon is tomorrow!

So here we are! Tomorrow is a big day for me, my first marathon, and what a way to start, with the 2019 London Marathon!

On Thursday I went to the running show at the Excel centre to pick up my official race number and timing chip. It was great to be surrounded by so many other excited runners! I also managed to meet the 5hr pacer for the green start, Martin, who I am planning to follow. I’m hoping that sticking with a pacer, particularly in the early part of the race, will keep me from making my usual mistake of rushing off too fast and regretting it later.

Today, it has been mainly a case of going through my packing list, and making sure I have everything ready to wear and for my kit bag. The Garmin and headphones are charging up, and I think I am all set!

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

You can read all about my training for the London marathon here: London Marathon 2019

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