Sight-Running Tours – a Great Way to Explore a New City! Aarhus, Denmark

This week I’m in Aarhus, Denmark for a family holiday, staying in a beautiful city centre apartment. I’m also right in the middle of my Berlin Marathon training plan, so I need to keep my momentum going with a few midweek miles before travelling back to London on Sunday.

We’ve had a fantastic week here so far, but being on holiday with two small children means we’ve focused on all the fun, family friendly activity locations, and I haven’t got to see too much of the city centre’s historic buildings and architecture.

We booked accommodation through AirBnB, and on the website I had noticed an advert for an Aarhus sightseeing running tour, which seemed the perfect combination of getting me out for a run, and learning more about the city from a local.

I met with my running guide Hans down by Dokk1, the fantastically modern dockside public library, and after we were joined by two fellow running tourists, we set off into the city.

Aarhus is such a lovely city, with its friendly, laid-back vibe on full display as we ran down the picturesque streets lined with canalside cafe tables. We passed by the stunning ‘Rainbow Bridge’ topped ARoS art museum, and down little streets and alleyways that I would never have found by myself. I really appreciated having Hans as our guide, what better way to experience a new place than from the eyes of someone who lives in, and loves the city.

The second part of the run took us out to the harbour, full of vintage wooden sailing boats, where a group of people were enjoying an idyllic Friday summer evening, paddle boarding in the calm waters.

This was the first time I’d ever been on a sight-running tour, but I will definitely be looking for more running opportunities like this whenever I visit a new place in the future. We have just one full day left in Aarhus, but there is still time for a little more running fun, as I head to my first non-UK parkrun! I’d love to hear if any of you have ever been on a sight-running tour before, and where?

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