Berlin Hasenheide parkrun – and the day before the marathon!

I’m in Berlin for the weekend for the highlight of my autumn race schedule, tomorrow’s Berlin Marathon! But it just wouldn’t be a Saturday morning without a trip to parkrun. Fortunately, Berlin joined the parkrun family last year, setting up a new run location in the beautiful Hasenheide park, a short metro ride from the city centre.

I met up with my friends from Walthamstow parkrun and a few of us from the Spinal Research marathon team. The atmosphere was buzzing, like a kind of parkrun convention, with hundreds of excitable British tourists with proudly wearing their apricot and milestone T-shirts.

Hasenheide normally get about 120 runners, well today there were around 700! The team did a fantastic job coping with the huge numbers of visitors.

As for the run itself – I took it super easy in about 32 minutes, making sure to save my legs for the big day tomorrow! I’ve collected my race number from the expo, met up with the team, now all that remains is the small matter of running the Berlin Marathon! Watch this space to see how it goes!

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